What to Expect on Your Initial Medical Marijuana Recommendation Appointment?

Many patients in need of a medical marijuana recommendation don’t know what to expect from a medical marijuana evaluation. But this appointment is no different than seeing any other type of physician. Your visit is considered part of your confidential medical record and your doctor will only discuss your medical condition and your marijuana recommendation for verification purposes.

Download our new patient paperwork HERE

(Please fill them out completely and bring them to your appointment)

During your medical marijuana evaluation, your doctor will perform an exam for your condition and request to see your current medical records and any diagnosis documentation you may have. Arrive early to fill out any paperwork.

If you are without current active care, your doctor will assume the entire case him or herself, and facilitate active care at Dr. Edward W Pearson, MD or one of his affiliates.


Your doctor will write you a medical marijuana recommendation and NOT a medical marijuana prescription. Since marijuana is classified as a Schedule I drug, marijuana prescriptions are illegal.


Your medical cannabis recommendation will be valid only for up to one year.


Your doctor will NOT be affiliated with a marijuana distributor and by law can NOT recommend a marijuana dispensary.

Medical Marijuana Appointment Checklist:

To ensure a successful visit with your medical marijuana doctor, be sure to bring the following with you to your appointment:  

1. Proof of Identification

Bring one of the following:

Current and valid State Driver’s License

Current and valid State ID card

Current military issued ID card


An out of state ID or other photo AND

Proof of in-state residency such as utility bill, lease, bank statement, etc.

2. Appropriate Medical Documentation

Bring along any necessary medical documentation to support your diagnosis. This includes:

Recent medical records

List of current prescriptions (if any)

Blood Work, X-rays, MRI’s or other test results (if applicable) 

3. Payment Method

Credit card, cash or money order for payment

Initial visit:  $200.00($100.00 Paid in Advance)

Re-certification(required each 210 days):  $200.00

Please note that there is a high volume of patients who want to be seen and appointments are available on a first come, first served basis. Do not schedule your appointment unless you are positive you can attend. Cancellation of any appointments with less than 24 hours notice can result in you being discharged from our practice and forfeiture of the $100.00 initial fee.

4. Other

You must not currently be on legal probation